ASCC Super Challenge


Real Racing for Real Money

If you have never attended one, we use SCCA style rules and classing. But we divide the various classes up into 8 Groups. While you want to win your class for year end class points, ideally you want to win your Group based on PAX Index. Winning your Group qualifies you for the Challenge at the end of the event. The other way to qualify for the challenge is to finish in the randomly drawn position called the Lucky Draw. The 8 winners and 8 Luck Draws make up the 16 Challenge competitors. The Challenge works much like Bracket Racing with a knockout format.

What make our Challenge unique and very fair to all 16 competitors is it is based on consistency, not our right speed. You have to be fast to win your way in, bur you have to be consistent to win the overall Challenge. Your fastest time from the Group Stage becomes your Dial In time. During the Challenge you are paired up with another competitor and the one closest to their Dial In time moves on. There are also Break Outs and a few other rules that are explained during the Drivers Meeting prior to the Challenge but having everyone race to a time instead of trying to be the outright fastest allows for a 100% even playing field when racing for the money. The Top 3 receive cash and prizes.


The Super Challenge

Where the Super Challenge is different, we will take the Top 3 drivers from each group plus the Lucky Draw. That gives us a field of 32 instead of our normal 16, so a lot more people have a chance to qualify and run for the big money. Because of the demand for this event, it is preregistration only and capped at 125.


The Big Money

Unlike other national type events that you spend $150+ to enter and win next to nothing, our price is $100/members, $125/nonmembers. $50 from every entrance fee goes in the pot. Total amount is then divided up among the Top 3 and FTD drivers.  The more drivers that enter, the bigger the prize money.

UMI Performance

Follow us this season as well as two of our local drivers as they will be competing for the $10,000 at the King of the Mountain Autocross event this summer. Once again, ASCC will be handling all the Timing and Scoring and supporting a great event.